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Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence!

1969 - 2009

Your Stories

A compilation of personal accounts from past and present, any faculty, staff, student or alumni can post an interesting story to share with everyone. A place to find old traditions, new changes, famous visitors, and many other things that made an impact on our campus community.

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John Blazier, Alumnus

In the Spring of 1969, I graduated from Westfield High School, a little farming community about 20 miles north of Indianapolis. I was very active in sports and other activities while in high school, but only had average grades. I wanted desperately to attend college, but my mediocre grades were not quite good enough. My high school councelor, Joel Leaman, arranged for me to have a meeting with IUPUI's Dr. James East in June 1969. We had a long meeeting and he quizzed me about my high school activities and work ethics. A month later I received a letter from Dr. East informing me I was being accepted on a trial basis. That letter was a turning point in my life! I began my experiences at IUPUI in the Fall of 1969. My classes were held in the Main Building at 9th and Meridian, and a building on North Delaware St. Classes were staggered anywhere from 8 AM to 8 PM. Between classes, students would hang out at a little hole in the wall resteraunt on North Delaware St. I worked extremely hard my first year and loved every minute of it. In the Summer of 1970, I received official notice from Dr. East that I was accepted as a regular student and no longer on probation. That was WONDERFUL news! I began my second year in the Fall of 1970 with much enthusiasm. After starting classes, I joined the IUPUI Intramural Basketball group and our team won the League Championship. In January 1971, we began classes at the new facility on Michigan St. I am proud to say that I was in class the very first day the new campus opened. While there, I was in the first IUPUI Choir, and we performed at an Honors Ceremony (Cavanaugh Hall) in May, at which Governor Mathew Welch was in attendance. After my second year, I had to leave IUPUI and finish up my undergraduate work in Bloomington. IUPUI holds many fond memories for me. It gave me a chance in life that no other college would give me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IUPUI!!!!

Marcia Combs, Staff

I became a full-time employee with IUPUI on 1/13/74. At that time the police department and parking were one deptartment, called the Safety Deptartment. It was located on the corner of Patterson and Vermont in an old house (the Real Estate Office was located right next door in another old house). We used to eat lunch from the Adam's Ala Carte trucks or go down to Bea's (a little diner on Michigan Street just east of the Dental School). At that time Tom Duane was the Director of Personnel. I transfered to Personnel in May 1974 and that was located in a "barracks" building beside Fesler Hall. It housed the post office, bursar, credit union, payroll, and accounting. There was another building called the cottages that housed Allied Health Sciences. I have grown up with IUPUI and it has always been a positive influence in my life and my extended family. We have both matured into something to be proud of.

Kay Castaneda, Student/Faculty

I tell people that I grew up at IUPUI. I began as a young 24 year old, divorced, with a waitress job, serious medical problems and a high score on the GED. The University College allowed me to enter and I was on my way. I got married, earned my Associates of General Studies, then switched to the SLA as an English major. The wonderful, intelligent English professors guided me to my Bachelors degree. Next, I entered graduate school here in the English MA program with a concentration in writing.

My education has allowed me to start a new career three years ago as an English instructor at a community college. This fall, I will begin teaching W131 English Composition at IUPUI to young students and those returning to school for a career or life change. I am now, as I tell my students, "over 50" and still continuing my education. I am planning to earn a certificate in TESOL so that I can teach students whose native language is not English.

My love of learning continues to grow along with this beautiful, exciting campus. Every time a new building goes up, I think of a new subject I want to learn here. Maybe I'll study history next! I plan to take full advantage of all IUPUI has to offer in the future.